Remote Recording

One of the primary things I do on a daily basis is to record bass tracks remotely for a variety of artists around the world from my home studio. I have been doing this for many years and I have really dialed in some great sounds for many artists. My DAW of choice these days is Digital Performer 10, and I can provide bass tracks for your project. This a very popular thing to do these days and I was one of the first to recognize its potential. I work in several genres, read music very well, and improvise freely. I would love to speak with you about your project.

I work through 2 services for my remote sessions. This is a great way to work together if you’re far away. These are very good platforms that provides for excellent communication throughout your project, and has even more information, recorded samples and hundreds of reviews and others thoughts about me and what I do. I record bass parts for many artists and producers around the world from places such as Sweden, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Brazil, Canada, Norway, China, Japan, Korea and of course here in the states.

Kindly contact me  via email at for some communication.

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