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I am available to play bass on your project remotely through file sharing, and live.

I record bass parts for many artists and producers around the world from places such as Stockholm, Germany, Brazil, Canada, Norway and of course here in the states. Styles of music vary. I play fretted and fretless basses. The most important part of it all is to get into the music with you, work with you until you are happy with the part. I take great steps to insure my bass tone is as good as it can be, every time as that is what I am noted for in my work for others. I want to under promise and over deliver.  If there is a style that I am not familiar with and can’t play to very high level, I will recommend somebody that can. Below are some examples of many different styles of music that I have been afforded the opportunity to work on in the last year or so. This is but a sample. If you would like to hear and communicate more, please contact me through email at

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I typically work through a service for my remote sessions. They have a very good platform that provides for excellent communication throughout the project, and has more information about me and what I do. They are also protective of your investment. They will take a secure deposit from you once you make a commitment.  Your payment is only released when you receive finished, excellent bass tracks. This site is also a great resource for other services you may require for your project.

Listening Samples 


Some Kind of Lover

To the Sky

Time To Let Go

Rock It

I Left it All

Glutton – with Nils Rurack

In This Dream

Walk in the Ocean

Something Special

Where My Spirit Rides




More on the way !




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