Mark was raised in Summit NJ and attended Summit public schools and got his start in their music program as an 8 year old. At that time, music was a requirement in public schools and there was a myriad of things to do. Mark picked up on the electric bass at 14, and has been on it ever since. After high school , Mark attended Berklee College of music where he studied privately with Whit Browne and also Bruce Gertz, both highly esteemed private instructors. At Berklee, Mark was able to play in many different situations, and expanded his knowledge. “I was able to gig, practice and jam with many people all the time. my time there was fantastic!” Upon leaving Berklee, Mark lived in New Jersey, playing and became immersed in the metro New York scene and played with many different groups and situations. In 1994, Mark moved to Nashville TN and lived and worked there for 22 years playing in a variety of settings, including studio, live and touring dates with a variety of artists. in 2015, Mark moved to the Los Angeles area where he played in the studio and many live gigs, theater dates and also a grammy nominated track by Roberto Tola.

In 2020, Mark relocated once again to Sarasota Florida, where he now lives. He is involved with the local music scene, acting as musical director and bassist for Support the Song L.L.C. , where he co-writes, co-produces tracks for NFT and sync licensing tracks. 

Mark plays bass parts with all the wonderful artists, (far too many to mention! see partial discography), that hire him worldwide from several sources. If you’d like to hire Mark, please send an email at

Mark is a proud member of local 427-721 American Federation of Musicians.