Until very recently, I didn’t know really well how much good cables make a difference I your sound. I always thought “The thicker the better”. Not true.  Tsunami cables made such a difference in my recording and live signal, that I completely replaced all my cables with them in my home studio and my live rig. Contact Keith, and tell him I sent you if you are interested. I was invited to try them out in a little video. Check it out below.

Recently, I discovered some new amplification from all the down under from Australia. Wayne Jones is a delightful man and an excellent player who designs all this equipment. First, I replaced my studio preamp with a WJBP11 Twin Channel Bass Preamp. The preamp sounded so good that I wanted that sound for live work, so I bought another one, and also a WJ 2X10 powered cabinet. This rig kills

Phil Jones makes great equipment. I use a “Double 4” amp with 2 5 inch drivers, and I also use it as a studio monitor Sounds great and weighs almost nothing. In the studio I’ll use it for a miked live sound or for a mixed amp/direct signal.

Stephen Sukop makes, by hand, these great instruments. Both fretted and fretless models. I have known Stephen personally for many years back to when we both attended Berklee. Do yourself a favor and check out his instruments. I feel that they are great. It’s an honor to know this guy.


I feel that Bartolini pickups give me a great, smooth sound in my Fender Jazz bass and my Steven Sukop fretted and fretless basses. I’ve been playing them since 1996 with no issues and with a certain sound that I love. The producers I work with love them as well ! They’ve more than paid for themselves and keep giving !

Nothing like a Fender in my opinion. When I need a one tone fits all kind of sound, I reach for my Fender Jazz 5-string.

Fender Jazz Bass

I love to ride as well. Nothing helps me to clear my mind than a good ride !

GHS banner

I use GHS strings. For me, they sound great, they last a long time, and feel great. Check them out !

other randoms: Darkglass B7K Ultra/Keeley Compressor/MXR Bass Octave/Boss Digital Delay/T-Rex WhirlyVerb

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