I'm a musician. An electric bass player. I work with a variety of artists from all over the globe. I play in the studio and live. Maybe with you next !

I hope everybody is having a good summer. Here in Southern California, the summers are great, although a few earthquakes weren’t in the forecast. That took everybody by surprise. Thankfully, everything is ok here. Aside from that, I have a new studio space in my backyard up and running ! Despite that episode of ground […]

You don’t get much of a winter here in Southern CA, but I can say I’ve become a real wimp in terms of any type of cold below 60 degrees Fahrenheit. NAMM has come and gone, and although I always enjoy going there in Anaheim, and seeing some very dear friends and associates and all […]

This week has been very inspiring for me. There have been some bummers too. Roy Hargrove passed unexpectedly. I didn’t know Roy, but I loved the way he played and was a big fan of his music.  On the other hand, I’ve been unusually busy and have been blessed with an abundance of work. Over […]

I know most of us have heard about all the tragic occurrences In my area. There’s been an enormous wildfire, (the largest ever in California). Fortunately it didn’t get around to my neighborhood, but boy it sure caused some damage to many people’s homes and lives. Rough stuff. On top of that, there’s been these […]

Here’s a picture of a gig a played in San Francisco a few months ago with Barabas Lorinc from Hungary when he came to the states.  Anyway… it’s not really a heatwave where I live on the coast, but inland a bit it’s an oven out there. I am at the moment tending to some music that […]

Another beautiful day ! Nice things going on. Today I am playing with the Ojai Pops in an outdoor concert in Ojai CA. Very good musicians in this group. A real hybrid of classical and jazz players. There’s got to be about 40 people in this group. We’ll be playing movie scores at the Libbey […]

Its beautiful outside today.  The weather is just perfect, not a cloud in the sky. I am getting ready to head over to Squashed Grapes in Ventura to see my friendGergo Borlai play some drums with Scott Kinsey and Jimmy Earl. Can’t wait to hear this. He is also putting on a little drum clinic, […]