I was asked to do an interview for Jon Liebman and his “For Bass Players Only” series of videos. Fun stuff ! Make sure to check out

We are Beautiful. Another great sync track from Paradigm Sync. Alan Lopresti, Jason Cooper and myself. Enjoy the imagery !

This song kills. The gentleman who hired me is Alan LoPresti, really great rocking singer and guitarist. He’s based out of New York. The drummer is Jason Cooper from Tennessee. He has a great message, and I was psyched to play on this song ! This is one of my musical identities. Listen loud and proud !

On the other side of the spectrum, here is a little live performance of a group I work within the Los Angeles area called Smarticus, featuring Byron Fry on guitar, Bob Luna on keyboards, and Jay Setar on drums, just crazy stellar musicians


Here’s a great video of a piece of music I played bass on for an indie record company I work with sometimes out of Denmark.  This is a collaboration between Norwegian singer and composer Synnøve Rognlien, and Danish songwriter and composer team, Henrik  Koitzsch and Søren Svensson from Popshit Records. Check it out on Spotify, Itunes, Amazon.

You have to love this guy Stan Rose. He combines the visual with the musical, and he is very talented at both. Chill out with this !