1. Hi Seymour,
    Respectfully, the answer is a resounding no. I have owned my fretted 5 string for about 15 years, and have never played anything better.
    I love it so much that I had a fretless made just like it not long ago by Stephen. If you would like one, contact Stephen SUkop and he can make one for you just like it! I’d be happy to share the specs with you. To me, that bass is priceless !

  2. It is going to be a good year. I think we can all be clear about that. A lot of people are talking about how 2016 was a bad year and, was 2016 a bad year(?), and I just think that we don’t need to be talking about that right now.

  3. Sounds like you’re keeping real busy, Mark. Congrats on the new-ish studio. Would love to catch you with Vanice’s band but am gigging myself that night. Any L.A. Area appearances in the works?


    1. Hey Roch ! I’m so glad you reached out ! Lately I’ve been holed up in my place recording, and don’t have too much scheduled live, but that can change daily. I’ve been following Dr Wu, and will get out to see it before long. My live stuff has been mostly travel, but again, that can change tomorrow. I’ll make sure to come see you soon !