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The Majestic
Red Bull Shuffle
Autumn Chill
We are Beautiful
Left Right Brain also available at AMAZON
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We will also be inviting others to share in our productions through collaborations with guest musicians and composers as needed. If you have something in any genre that you would like us to hear, please contact me at and I’ll see to it that it gets a proper listen and consideration. Or send us an email at

We are capable of writing, arranging and producing a wide variety of music and video, and the gear we employ is top of the line industry standard.

Guitar amps / processors:  Fractal Audio Axe FX II, Nau Engineering “dumble” type custom 3 channel tube amp, vintage rockman stereo echo

Cabs:  4X12 Bogner w/ V30’s, 1X12 Bogner w/ EV 12L
Monitor Speakers:  Mackie HR-824 MK1
Computer:  12 core Mac
DAW:  MOTU DP 9.51
Plugins:  Waves, Izotope, tRacks, Fab Filter, Meter plugs, Toontrack, Fractal Audio
Mics:  Shure SM7B, Royer R-121, EV RE20, Soundeluxe U97
Mic Preamps:  API Channel Strip, Focusrite ISA 2, Antelope Audio Discrete 8
Converter / studio clock source:  Antelope Audio
Video Software:  Final Cut PROx

Studio Capability:  Tracking all instruments except drums, mixing & mastering with delivery for CD, Radio, TV, Film and digital download software, specs knowledge and experience in all of these markets. 

Alan Lopresti is a very multi faceted musician and guitar player and is also extremely adept and talented at mixing/mastering and handling our video production.