Meet Mark


Mark grew up in Summit, New Jersey and started in the public school program as a drummer. Started playing the bass at age 13 and played in several garage bands.

At Berklee College of Music, Mark studied privately with Whit Browne, and Bruce Gertz, and developed an interest in jazz harmony.

“Most all of my teachers there were influential for one reason or another. I just soaked it all up and practiced many hours a day.”

After Berklee, Mark lived in New Jersey and played with many artists and groups and played gigs throughout the New York area.

“I worked a great deal, although quite a few of these gigs required a tuxedo, and I wasn’t down with that after a while. After 125+ gigs per year for several years like that it started to wear on me. Although I was glad to be working, it was time for a change.”

In 1994 Mark moved to Nashville.

“Like any new place, you have to get known a little bit, and get used to the way they work. Nashville was a very cool place, I enjoyed my entire 21 years there. For the most part, my time in Nashville was spent playing a little bit of everything”

For the last several years, Mark has been taking a part of online session work, for artists around the globe.

“When that started happened for me, it kind of blew up, and all of a sudden I was playing all sorts of interesting tracks for artists all over the place, and I continue it to this day for clients and artists around the globe”. Today with somebody from Bolivia, and maybe Casablanca  tomorrow, it always changes.”

Most recently, in 2015, Mark moved to Southern California.

He has been getting hired to play various things like in pit orchestras for musicals, and with a wonderful female vocalist Magenta Harley. “She’s great, she sings with a ton a of soul, and is a very nice lady”

Overall, Mark has worked with many different musical icons such as grammy award winning drummer/producer/writer Craig Krampf, (Melissa Etheridge, Steve Perry, Little Richard, Flo and Eddie, etc..). Drummer/ songwriter Pete Barbeau, (Celine Dion, Aldo Nova, Roch Voisine, Jon Bon Jovi, David Foster) Clayton Ivey, (keybds/producer, composer with many artists such as Toby Keith, Kenny Rogers, Roy Orbison, Lou Rawls, Willie Nelson, John Prine, etc..) Blues guitar great/artist Tony Sarno. Recording artist Essra Mohawk, (who has worked with Frank Zappa, Jerry Garcia Band, “Schoolhouse Rock”.) Mark has worked with Atlantic recording artists South65 for live dates. Mark has also appeared with John Carter Cash,  Universal recording group Trailer Choir, Christian Recording Artist Keith Rovere, San Francisco based singer/songwriter Dawn ObergCheck out a review of one her albums here

Mark also contributes tracks for Counting Clouds, (Go Fish Records, Germany), with a group of special, stellar musicians from around the world that plays an intoxicating blend of electronica, jazz, and deep groove house music.

” I really love this area that surrounds LA, and am looking forward to making an impact in the coming months and years. I am learning a lot and will continue to move forward”. I am also free to work with any artists and situations that arise. I’ll also continue to do my remote sessions.”

Other musicians/artists Mark has played and/or worked with include:

Dann Glenn

Virgil Donati

Gergo Borlai

Barabas Lorinc


Counting Clouds

John Carter Cash

South 65


Mike Gallaher (guitarist for Joe Cocker, Adrian Belew, etc..)