Do you play live?  Are you available to play with my group in person?

Yes, and yes. You can frequently see and hear me play live in and around the country with various projects.

How do I know that the bass tracks you record for me will be good?

Well, you don’t, at least not right away. That’s why I highly recommend using the service platform of soundbetter.com, so that things like communication and time lines don’t become an issue. There is a 3rd party that holds your funds until you are happy with the tracks.

Do I have to send you written music for a remote session?

The short answer is you don’t have to. If you have chord charts, or something scribbled on a napkin, that’s great, bring it. If you don’t know how to write music, I’ll figure it out. It always helps to have some kind of chart, or framework to go by. I read music, and all sorts of chord charts very well. Communication is key.

What do you most like to play?

That’s a loaded question!  My tastes run the gamut, from most contemporary jazz, pop, and rock styles, to classical etudes. I’d say from Mozart to Madonna ! I study music daily, and have an open ear to any great written/played and produced music. I’ve played rock, jazz, pop music, progressive music, country, with drum machines, trap beats, drums n bass, chill, ambient styles, EDM, jazz standards, theater projects, all sorts of music.