This past week was an eventful one. I was approached by a gentleman named Jimmy Allen Sine, who is a very good guitarist/artist. He told me he was part of a 5 day tour starting in Portland, Oregon. He explained that there would be several other artists on this tour and that is was sponsored by 64 audio. They are arguably the leader in the industry for in ear monitors. I thought that were were miraculously going to be fitted for awesome in ears. Actually I understand why we weren’t. They are very expensive! That’s ok, they are worth the money.

All of the other artists on the tour were pretty much just starting out, singers, who mostly used tracks to sing with except for the occasional guitar accompaniment. There was also an incredible DJ on the tour, who fascinated me. I am not going to not mention their names on purpose in this article because I simply have not asked for their permission. When the show airs on Roku TV in December you can enjoy everybody and what they have to offer. Check out http://www.roku.com for more information or if you don’t have the app.

The way the tour went was that I was transported to Vancouver, WA to get to the bus. I arrived at the 64 audio facilities with Jimmy and Paul, (our drummer). This was the awesome tour bus! It was very nice with lounges, sleeper bunks, a small kitchen, and a bathroom. After the “rules” were established on tour bus etiquette, we were on our way.

All of the shows went pretty much the same way. Portland, Salem, Lake Tahoe, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. The entire time, there were cameras documenting most all of it. I chose to mainly observe. I overheard people exchanging ideas, and telling their individual stories. Where everybody was from, and their path to where they are now and where they want to go. I found this very interesting. There were a few sketches pre-planned that makes for interesting TV .

The group that I was involved in always performed last because we were a live 3 piece band. The artist I was playing for is Jimmy Allen Sine. Great guitarist with some really great instrumental rock. None of us played long sets, so it really wasn’t a difficult thing. Each stop was enjoyable and I honestly enjoyed all the people involved.

In Portland we worked at a very cool place called The Hallowed Halls. Beautiful facility. Very old building with an awesome control room. I noticed that they have a few 2 inch tape machines, which I thought was extremely cool. Great staff, very professional. I would venture to say this is the home of the local scene of livestreaming and where there is actually a “familial” feel of the local scene. They had a extremely professional setup for their live streaming. I was really impressed by that place and the musical camaraderie amongst all the musical artists, tech personnel and the overall vibe.

When we arrived in Salem, Oregon, it seemed like a cool place overall. Pool tables, big stage, wings, you know. The people were very nice and accommodating which made it it a nice experience.

Sacramento saw us pulling into a place called Pus Cavern Recording Studios. Very clean and very pro. Seemed very busy and very nice to work with. The owner was very cool. They were able to have a few of their local clients/bands play a set before us. Mainly a younger audience, lots ‘o snacks, great sounding place. Again, a seemingly very cool local scene. They also had an operating 2 inch tape machine.

My favorite stop was Lake Tahoe. I had never been there and never saw such clean water. Real Piney, and lakey, (if that’s a word). The venue was The Alibi Ale Works. Very cool amphitheater type rear seating, outside, and a little cold. I could hardly wait for that to be over, only because of the weather. It was cold.

Right after the Lake Tahoe gig, I was little nervous because I had to be back in Hollywood less than 12 hours later. I had already committed to a recording session at East West Studios . I ended up making it on time. Although I was exhausted, I was happy to be there and record some tracks for another artist I was hired for.

I rejoined the tour at the last stop, in Los Angeles, which the location was changed to a rehearsal studio in Van Nuys, (which was within driving distance), and was able to sleep in my own bed that night and enjoy a great meal made by my lovely wife. Check out the pictures below to check out some of the hilarity that ensued. I’m tired..

me at the bus

2 inch Studer

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