August 19, 2020

Covid 19th, 2020. I almost never hear about anything else. Oh, did I say Covid instead of August? I thought so. Well you’ll have to excuse me on that one, but its not that far fetched to mix it up a little as I so often do. You may have other little habits and things you do. I’d love to know what they are. I’ll include them on the next post for all to read !

Pretty soon, we’re moving to Florida, south Florida. As soon as the house sells, we’re packing it up and moving our whole residence there. As much as I’ve enjoyed the greater Los Angeles area, the weather and all sorts of other things. My work here is about done. I’ve seen it from “the other side”. I can be back very easily by plane as I’m sure will happen from time to time.

What’s the other side, you may ask? Without getting into politics, which is pretty difficult. I guess a great deal of it comes down to politics I’ve been out here for 5 years, and I’ve seen a marked difference in many ways. Sales tax, property tax, even gas is about two times more expensive within a few cents from many other states. I will miss the weather that I’m very fond of. We’re still going to live near the beach, which I’ve become accustomed to. You can’t beat the sites like Big Sur, Yosemite National Park. I’ll miss driving along the ocean between Ventura and Santa Barbara on Highway 101. I’ll miss certain parts of Hollywood and LA, but I’m certain I’ll love it more when I come occasionally, rather than everyday,

Since I am originally an east coast guy it’ll be nice to get back to certain things like the Atlantic Ocean, a little New York attitude, and easier access to my sister and her peeps. My work will not change although it may be a little askew with all the new surroundings and all. It seems like a great deal of my work is from overseas anyway, and the longer we do this Covid lockdown thing, the more remote work seems to come in. I did get a call for an October live session at East-West Studios in Hollywood, and a private show in November at a classy house concert with a classy artist. I’ll post the details on my facebook page or something, you can catch the livestream. I’ll refrain from naming the artist until the details are all set up.

Till then, I’m working on a loop bass package for a a client, several one off sessions for various folks, I just finished the most difficult song I ever had to play for a Russian musical, fantastic music by the way Yury ! I had to transcribe the programmed bass and play it all and almost all of it was changing time signatures every other measure. Keeps me challenged.

Also, I put up a little merch page on my website with some nifty items that bear my logo. Check it out if you will and let me know how you’re doing !


Mark Corradetti

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