July 15th

I hope everybody is having a good summer. Here in Southern California, the summers are great, although a few earthquakes weren’t in the forecast. That took everybody by surprise. Thankfully, everything is ok here. Aside from that, I have a new studio space in my backyard up and running !

Despite that episode of ground moving madness, I have been relatively busy the past few months musically, mainly in my studio, performing and recording tracks for a wide variety of artists. One of the projects I am most proud of at this time, is my involvement with Paradigm Sync. we don’t make records or even release singles too much. Basically we write, record and produce for mainly sync opportunities, publishing, etc.. In shorthand that means that this music will be placed in different avenues of media, such as movies, and media of all sorts. It’s been a real nice ride, and things are progressing very nicely. We just completed our first catalog of music and plan on doing quite a bit more in contrasting styles to one another. The gentleman I work with on this project are Alan Lopresti, from New York, and Jason Cooper from Memphis, and not least myself from the LA area.

We are completely self contained with our own studio locations and use live instrumentation for these tracks, and I’m really pleased with the output thus far. I am looking forward to more. Indeed it’s rare to find people with similar work ethics, and vision, but I think they’ll agree that we have. Since most of this stuff isn’t for sale as CD’s or singles we have established a you tube site, to house these pieces of music. Once they get placed we’ll have to take them down, so if you’re inclined, please visit Paradigm Sync, and subscribe, and tell us what you think.

In other news…I’ve been tracking bass parts for other folks around the world. Please visit my session site at Soundbetter or Airgigs for information on that if you need bass on any of your recordings. A lot of people ask about that part of my life, and it’s been great. I am very grateful to have been able to do all these “file exchange sessions”. The biggest thing is to leave your ego at the door, and listen to what it is that the ARTIST wants to hear, not what you think should be played. I normally get good directions, and typically choose the right instrument, and give them what they want. A few extra tracks doesn’t hurt, this way they have choices. Sometimes, I’ll even do it several ways, it’s all good to me. There is more than one way ! This year alone, I’ve worked with artists in over 40 cities around the world, and I really like that. Some of the styles have been from R&B/soul, heavy rock, and also chill music, pop, some childrens music, and some jazzy stuff. Keep em coming !

Live-wise, I’ll be sitting in with the Vanise Terry Group on July 27th at the Star Lounge in Ventura CA 8pm – ? She’s got a killer voice and it should be a good time. If you’re local, come check it out and say hello. Jon Francis is an excellent guitarist/artist, and he invited me to work with them. He’s terrific. I believe Cougar Estrada will be playing drums that evening. He’s great too.

I hope you are having a nice summer too, and feel free to say hello anytime.

Best Regards,

Mark Corradetti


  1. Sounds like youโ€™re keeping real busy, Mark. Congrats on the new-ish studio. Would love to catch you with Vaniceโ€™s band but am gigging myself that night. Any L.A. Area appearances in the works?


    1. Hey Roch ! I’m so glad you reached out ! Lately I’ve been holed up in my place recording, and don’t have too much scheduled live, but that can change daily. I’ve been following Dr Wu, and will get out to see it before long. My live stuff has been mostly travel, but again, that can change tomorrow. I’ll make sure to come see you soon !

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