Inspiring week….

This week has been very inspiring for me. There have been some bummers too. Roy Hargrove passed unexpectedly. I didn’t know Roy, but I loved the way he played and was a big fan of his music.  On the other hand, I’ve been unusually busy and have been blessed with an abundance of work. Over in London, I was hired to play on two projects, one with one of the singers from the Drifters, (Under the Boardwalk), and another for a composer of children’s music. I feel like I’m learning too and feel like I’m nine again when I do those kind of projects. I also got a smooth jazz song to play on, so I’m definitely going from one thing to another. I also got to take part in another hard rock piece from a gentleman in Syracuse NY, and this morning, something came in from a producer in Italy that reminds me of U2. It has to be done today. If that wasn’t enough, I got an offer to play a show in St Croix in December. I’ll reveal names and tracks on my website as they come to completion.  I feel very fortunate about all of this and just wanted to share. Keep on your path. Dreams do come true.

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