Budapest September 2018

I just returned home from an epic trip to Budapest, Hungary. I was there for one week. I had never been there before, so I was excited to see new things. I was there to work with Barabas Lorinc, to play some of his music. We played at a place called ELLATOhaz. on September 12

So on September 7, I boarded the plane from LA, and made a brief stop in Philadelphia, and then on to a non stop flight all the way to Budapest. After an uneventful, (long…..ass) flight, I was picked up by Lorinc himself and brought to my Airbnb quarters, in a very old building in the heart of Budapest’s downtown district. My room was very small, like real small. Like just enough room to sleep and stow my bags, etc. This was part of the “charm”. Being pretty jet lagged didn’t stop me from bounding out a little bit to check out my immediate surroundings. IMG_2512This was my view right out of my front door with a little courtyard to look into. Always quiet and with lots of plants. Very nice. It had a certain vibe to it, that relaxed me.IMG_2514Old school elevator which is very common in some of these old buildings that safely take you up to your floor. I prefer to use the stairs !IMG_2491The streets are very narrow here, and it was delightful to see what I could see.

The following pictures are from my walks on the streets at various times


Parliament really stood out for me. Check it out !


Down, closer to the very middle of town, I saw some amazing things !


Then came gig day, and it was spectacular !


The following evening, I went to a recording session at a great studio for a film score.


Wonderful city square, with lots of really cool things.



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