Happy New Year

I know most of us have heard about all the tragic occurrences In my area. There’s been an enormous wildfire, (the largest ever in California). Fortunately it didn’t get around to my neighborhood, but boy it sure caused some damage to many people’s homes and lives. Rough stuff. On top of that, there’s been these crazy mudslides of epic proportions, killing people and wrecking lives, just a few miles north of where I live. Yet, we move on. Please keep these folks in your thoughts and do whatever you can to help.

NAMM 2018 is right around the corner and I’m looking forward to it. I always enjoy seeing my friends and supporting those that support me. This year, I will be representing GHS strings, and Bartolini pickups. I’ll be playing a program with my good friend, bassist Tony Puleo in a bass duet playing along with tracks that we came up with. It should be very nice. Tsunami cables will be hosting us, (times TBD), and I’m sure there will be other places we’ll get to play. Contact me if you’d like to know where and when. As I know, I’ll post. I always look forward to seeing all the new gear and basses too.

As for me otherwise, I am maintaining a fairly busy recording schedule in my home studio where I am doing quite a few remote bass sessions for artists around the world. I am scheduling a tour of Budapest, Vienna, and Bratislava in September with artist Barabas Lorinc . Other than that, I am spending some time composing and recording original music with some special musicians from LA and New York, ( a group yet unnamed ). I am also bouncing around with different artists in my area and doing what I can. As things develop I will make it known. I’m looking forward to developing a higher web presence this year as well. Anyway…..thanks for reading my thoughts.


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