Hire Mark for online bass sessions, recording, and live

You need great bass tracks on your project but It’s not always feasible to assemble a cast of musicians in the studio to all gather at the same time. In this day and age, with our current technology you can have great tracks added to your music and delivered right to your computer or front door. Listen to the music section of this website for samples, or email me to ask for more. I also have some great drummer friends, that can play drums and percussion. Check out My Music for some original samples. Also, check out this interview I did recently.


Here’s a sample of a bass/drums/guitar only track I played doing it...recently that I think is really cool. Some Kind of Lover by Beats of Hell. Watch for these guys…they kill !

Keith Rovere is another wonderful artist I work with quite frequently, check out…..I Am….and Midnight In The New Jerusalem. Great stuff !

Counting Clouds is another group I play for in my studio. They are located in Germany with musicians they use located all over the world. I really like this track especially. Dim The Lights (Deep Mix)

Clifford Borg from Malta brought me in to play Drifted. (violin, bass version).

In addition to that, I just recently worked with Dawn Oberg in San Francisco and played 10 tracks at Hyde St Studios for her upcoming new CD. Also I have been playing bass on sessions for several artists around the world from places such as Stockholm, Germany, Brazil, Canada, and of course here in the states, and locally here in Nashville.

I also travel and would love to come to your studio, wherever you are.

In my home studio, I can play and produce excellent bass parts for your music. You’ll get great bass parts returned to you, Fretted or fretless. You choose. In this situation, I am working for you. I use Nuendo software for tracking running through a Focusrite audio interface. I have a nearly limitless array of appropriate plug ins to help identify the right sound. If you are in the Nashville TN, you are welcome to come and engineer and/or produce. Click here for more information and inquiries.

Recording at Michael McDonald's studio. Franklin TN 3/14/2013

Recording at Michael McDonald’s studio. Franklin TN 3/14/2013

The more you can commmunicate to me about what you need and want, the better. If you have decent charts for your music, even better. I can read any type of notation or chord charts very well on demand. If you don’t have charts there is a little bit of an extra charge. For anything other than typical song forms, I.E., jingle or soundtrack parts, please email or call me, so that we can discuss your project in depth and detail. Remember, the more I know about what you are looking for, the better I can deliver. If you wish to have a certain bass sound, or a certain bass, please let me know. Normally people ask for my conception of what the song needs or requires, so don’t hesitate to jump in and tell me any specifics that are in your head. After all it is your music ! If you’re happy, then I’m happy. Here’s how it works:

click here. This is my referral site for online, remote bass recording, or simply get in touch with me either by phone, (615) 668-6275, or even by email  mscorradetti@comcast.net, so we can discuss your project. I also have a relationships with many amazing musicians, so please ask for any other tracks you may require.


1. Contact me via email, mscorradetti@comcast.net, or phone 615-668-6275, (MARK).

2. Send me your tracks.

3. Discuss your project 50% deposit required.

4. Listen to your tracks, make changes, and be satisfied.

5. Receive your tracks, pay the remainder.

repeat, over and over again…!

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